Fungal Nail Treatment

Are You Sick of having Fungal Nails?
Fungal nails, along with fungal skin infections such as Athlete’s Foot are a common, yet usually neglected problem. Often, there is a common misconception that fungal skin infections are related to hygiene, when that is not the case. Fungal nail infections can affect anyone.
We only use treatments that work, the end! To provide you with the highest quality and most effective treatment regime, we’ve invested in a holistic approach to your health such as diet and immune function but in particular a therapy called PACT (Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy). 
After painlessly reducing the nail with a special water spray drill, we apply a gel dye to the affected nail for ten minutes. This makes the fungal cell wall sensitive to a specific wavelength of light. We then apply the light for a further ten minutes on each nail. We then further enhance the effectiveness of the treatment over the next eight weeks, by guiding you on how to look after your feet. 
We want to help you to regain the confidence and freedom to move, enjoy, grow and do more of what you love. That’s why we make sure we cover all the bases to ensure your feet are back to perfect health.
Most people have more than 1 nail infected. Depending on the severity of your infection, it may be necessary to perform a procedure which involves placing small holes in your nail to maximise PACT therapy. 
We will provide you with:
  • Effective fungal (lab grade) diagnosis! This is 95% sensitive to fungal infections, no more false negative tests from your GP!
  • A total of six planned appointments. We perform three separate treatments in the first week, before following these up with a further three  treatments over the next six weeks.
  • In-depth training for home care and constant review and support to make sure youre going in the right direction.
  • A take-home package of creams and support information.
  • Lifestyle and nutrition training and assessment to ensure you are as healthy as you can be and your foot and health problems stay away
  • Review at 12 weeks post treatment
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  3. Start taking control of your health, from the ground up

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