Corns and Callous

Corns develop when your skin protects itself from pressure from shoes that rub or friction between your toes. Corns can usually be found on our feet, but also on our hands. 

Appearing as hard, yellow patches of skin, typically on the underside of your foot, calluses can be unsightly, impacting your confidence and your enjoyment of an active lifestyle. 

In most cases, both corns and calluses are simple to remedy. We know how important getting back on your feet and living the life you deserve is and the impact it makes to your health and happiness.

That’s why we offer you treatment and advice to help you regain the confidence and freedom to move, enjoy, grow and do more of what you love. 

At Footfocus Podiatry, we apply our expertise, professional know-how and friendly service to:

  • Diagnose why the corns and/or calluses are present
  • Develop an agreed treatment plan
  • Remove the short term problem
  • Provide solutions to stop corns and/or calluses from returning
  • Be your source of help and advice going forward to help you stay pain-free

If you’re healthy, you only really need to seek treatment for corns and calluses if they cause discomfort or are affecting your lifestyle. Eliminating the source of friction or pressure will also result in the disappearance of corns and calluses.

You may be more likely to develop corns and calluses if you suffer from a condition that results in poor blood flow, such as diabetes. In this scenario, we highly recommend you visit your podiatrist on at least a three-monthly basis for a routine foot check. 

At Footfocus Podiatry, we go beyond diagnosis and treatment. We are committed to being the best podiatry service we can be. You are at the centre of what we do and we take our responsibility to you very seriously. 

If you have any conditions that are causing you concern, take advantage of our expert care and customer service and book an appointment today. 

For proactive and preventative advice, book a Podiatry appointment with our Footfocus podiatry team to continue your journey towards healthy feet.

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