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The clinic opened its doors in 2017 and has since grown to become one of the Dorset’s leading specialists in musculoskeletal / biomechanical and sports podiatry. This has been recognised in our collection of awards from Mindset Mastery 2019, Team of the year 2020 and Practice of the year 2020 .

Our focus is not just on treating foot and leg problems, but on helping you achieve a better quality of health, giving you your life back. With our help, you can regain the health and confidence to move, enjoy, grow and do more of what you love.


Specialist Msk Specialist Podiatrist and Director


BSc (Hons) in Sports Science

Further studies in Pharmacology and Clinical Biomechanics

Musculoskeletal and Sports Podiatrist

Looking after feet may not be the ambition of many young boys. And in fact, it wasn’t mine! Like many of my friends, I wanted to be a fireman or a paramedic.

As I grew older, I became interested in physiotherapy, and specifically, seeing the results and smiles on people’s faces post-treatment.

After some years of playing rugby and studying sports science at university, my fascination went deeper and I discovered an undeniable passion for understanding human movement.

This was further enhanced while working as a custom ski boot fitter in France. I became interested in the complexity of the foot. And, when seeing the importance and impact of foot health on people’s lives, I knew that I wanted to study podiatry.

I am passionate about helping people become free from pain and I feel that helping patients from the foot up is one of the most satisfying and worthwhile things I can do.

I studied for my undergraduate degree at Glasgow Caledonian University and undertook Masters Studies in Pharmacology, before furthering my studies in Clinical Biomechanics at Brighton University.

I enjoyed four years working for the NHS in the Midlands and the specialist Biomechanics Department for Dorset NHS. My role was to assess and treat people who were referred by their GP, extended scope practitioner and/or surgeon for lower limb pain.

But life isn’t all about work of course — as much as I do love my work. I make sure I maintain a work/life balance as much as possible. I also love rugby and would happily talk about it with anyone. What I love about it are its values: Respect, dignity and courage.

I also like to play the guitar. Not sure if my talent is considered dignified or courageous, but it gives me great enjoyment nonetheless!

Some fun trivia: I was the Olympic 2012 torchbearer for a whole 300m! You’ll find something special relating to the occasion in the clinic when you visit.

When It All Started

Footfocus Podiatry was founded by a podiatrist and sports-enthusiast, Aengus Shanahan. After suffering a brain tumour in 2007, Aengus started to research and re-evaluate his approach to health, diet, wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

Aengus opted to have surgery in Barcelona after meeting a team who showed a great deal of care and skill, as well as a holistic and comprehensive attitude to his health and wellbeing. The result of this experience has focused his passion, drive and determination to provide the very best level of service and care he can provide, from the ground up.

Impacting his own work as a podiatrist and the way he helped his clients, Aengus started to craft a more integrated approach to health, starting from the feet up. Hence why Footfocus Podiatry was founded.

“Our mission is to help re-shape the way Podiatry and healthcare in general is experienced and delivered. No more accepting that it’s just the way you are. It doesn’t have to be that way and we are 100% focused to help our patients see the same vision in whatever way we possibly can”

Aengus Shanahan

At Footfocus Podiatry, we help anyone who has a foot issue. More specifically, we help people who want to improve their overall health and wellbeing or live a happier, healthier life. We are committed to being the best podiatry service we can be, for you.

We’re proud to invest in your experience as a patient, the treatments you can receive and the way you feel working with us. We firmly believe that good health starts from the feet up, and by ensuring your body has a solid foundation, you can live your life pain-free.

Thanks to our ‘feet up’ approach, many of our customers have experienced a new lease of life, achieved new goals and gone on to enjoy life to the fullest.

Weekly, we diagnose, effectively treat and discharge patients with unnecessary foot problems, allowing them to enjoy walks, show off their feet and holiday with their families again.

We also manage more life-threatening problems caused by diabetes, vascular disease and Rheumatoid arthritis, referring our patients to the appropriate specialist when required.

Our customers range from men, women and children who are in pain, to sports professionals who need support with recovering from and preventing injuries, or those who simply want to make sure their feet and legs are the best they can be.