Custom Orthotics designed and made for you

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are a form of shoe insert that are designed to correct abnormalities in your natural gait and the musculoskeletal system of your body. They help to align and support your foot, ankle, knee, hips and even lower back. Orthotics are usually made in 3 different ways, these are: 

Off-the-shelf orthotics

These are available in a range of sizes and designs and are the cheapest of the three options but also offer the least amount of support. Off-the-shelf orthotics are similar to shoe inserts in that they provide an extra level of comfort and help to absorb the shock of your movement; they can also ease the pain of certain foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. 

Semi-custom orthotics 

Semi-customised orthotics offer more support than standard off-the-shelf orthotics and can be altered or adapted to better suit your foot condition. These alterations might change the shape, thickness, size or even contour of the arch to more accurately target and relieve the pain you are feeling. Semi-customised orthotics are less expensive than their fully customised counterparts, making them great for people with mild foot conditions or those not requiring a fully customised design.

Fully custom orthotics 

These are the most expensive of the three options but for excellent reason. Fully customised and bespoke orthotics are tailor-made to fit the exact shape, need and specifications of your feet. They are most often prescribed by a podiatrist following a full biomechanical assessment. This allows the podiatrist to fully understand your musculoskeletal system and natural gait and identify any issues or abnormalities. 

What conditions can orthotics be used to treat?

Orthotics can be used to treat a wide range of foot conditions and even ease pain in your lower back, hips and knees. This is because an abnormality in your natural gait caused by one of the below conditions of your feet can affect how your body functions and operates, causing pain further up your body. 
So, what conditions can orthotics help with?

Plantar fasciitis 

This is a very common foot condition in which the plantar fascia (the thick band of tissue connecting your heel to your toes), becomes inflamed or damaged. The plantar fascia acts as a shock absorber for your feet and, when injured can be very painful. 

Orthotics can help to provide extra stability to your feet, helping to prevent damage to your foot through overuse or injury. 
Flat Feet (fallen arches)
This is another common condition that occurs when the arch of your foot collapses or flattens. This issue can be present from birth or develop over time for a number of reasons. Fallen arches can be very painful and, without proper support can even worsen, causing corns or calluses to develop on your feet. 
Orthotics can help to more accurately distribute your weight across your feet and provide extra support for your arches and feet. 
High Arches (cavus foot)
An arch that is too high will also cause foot problems. High arches can cause pain and discomfort in your feet, especially during exercise or long periods of standing. It can also effect your balance, making you more likely to trip or fall.
Similarly to flat feet, orthotics can help to redistribute pressure and provide additional support to the foot and ankle. 
These conditions are just to name a few, orthotics can also aid in the treatment of:
  • Heel spurs
  • Diabetic ulcers 
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Overpronation or supination 
  • Neuromas 
  • Arthritis 
  • Metatarsalgia
Not only can orthotics help reduce the pain of all of these conditions and more, but they can also help to improve your athletic performance and general day-to-day life. By providing additional comfort and support to your feet, orthotics will help to reduce the risk of injury, correct foot alignment issues and improve your balance and stability, which should help to improve your overall athletic performance and reduce fatigue levels. 


Our expert team at our podiatry clinic in Ringwood can provide you with an accurate assessment of the type of orthotic you might need, as well as design and build a shoe insert that is perfect for you. Contact us online today.

No, at Footfocus, an orthotic is tailor-made to your presenting problem and Biomechanical findings. Not everyone needs “arch” support, and we use a tissue stress approach will all our prescriptions. We DO NOT provide non-customised insoles, as this is a hit and usual miss approach to your foot healthcare. 

We have been using Orthotics as part of our podiatry care for years and know what works and what doesn’t. We use extremely light, thin and comfortable Orthotic materials that are suited for purpose and patient. You will not be fitted a device that does not fit your footwear or lifestyle perfectly.

Getting back to what you want and need to do as soon as possible is our main aim. Given that they are custom devices, they should be more expensive than shop-bought devices; however, the value they provide can be truly life-changing. Ranging from £280-£400, the premium build quality alongside the expert prescription and ongoing support and guarantee means you will have them for years. Considering you will walk up to 300,000 steps in them, we believe they are well worth the investment.