Custom Orthotics designed and made for you

Custom Orthotics are custom moulded, designed and fitted devices which are used to help you walk with comfort and confidence. We can prescribe the exact device that you need to get back to doing what you love as fast as possible.

But aren't they just arch supports?

No, at Footfocus an orthotic is tailor made to your presenting problem and Biomechanical findings. No everyone needs “arch” support and we use a tissue stress approach will all our prescriptions. We DO NOT provide non-customised insoles (sometimes called orthotics) as this is a hit and usually mis approach to your foot healthcare. 

Aren't they bulky and uncomfortable?

We have been using Orthotics as part of our podiatry care for years and know what works and what doesn’t. We use extremely light, thin and comfortable Orthotic materials that are suited for purpose and patient. You will not be fitted a device that does not fit your footwear or lifestyle perfectly.

Are they expensive?

Getting back to what you want and need to do as soon as possible is our main aim. Given that they are custom devices, they should be more expensive than the shop bought devices, however the value they provide can be truly life changing. Ranging from £280-£400 the premium build quality alongside the expert prescription and ongoing support and guarantee means you will have them for years. Considering you will walk up to 300,000 steps in them, we believe they are well worth the investment.