Let’s talk verrucae!


This pesky viral skin infection can be notoriously tricky to shift at home. They live in the epidermis, which is our most superficial skin layer where there isn’t a very strong immune response. Verrucas then make it even more difficult or our body to find them by sending out immune response dampening signals.

I’ve had patients who have suffered for years, having tried everything from Bazuka extra strength to gaffa tape and banana peel.

Thankfully, at Footfocus we have a number of treatments we can use to suit different age groups, locations and budgets.


Who gets them?

Anyone can get a verruca! The virus can live for longer in stagnant water than on a normal surface, so people often report picking them up at the swimming pool, although this is not the only place we can get them. Verrucas get into the skin through an abrasion, these are often in the form of cuts that don’t bleed. You may have felt that rough feeling on your foot from where it has grazed the side of a swimming pool, but it does not bleed. That’s an abrasion! This is another reason why swimming pools are common places to pick them up.

How long do they take to go?

This can vary largely on the person and the treatment. Younger patients have faster immune systems, and sometimes only need one or two treatments, along with a follow up to make sure it’s truly resolved.

For those who have had verrucas for a number of years, our hardest hitting treatment courses are often recommended which can take around 4 months from start to finish with 1 appointment every 4 weeks.

Alas, in medicine nothing is effective for all people every time, so some will require different treatment types for resolution. For example, those with compromised immune systems can find verrucas harder to get rid of, so we treat everyone on a case by case basis.

What treatments do you provide?

  • SWIFT microwave therapy
  • Verruca Needling
  • Verrutop Nitrizinc Complex
  • Cryotherapy
  • Salicylic Acid 60%
  • Combination therapy (Cryotherapy + Salicylic Acid 60%)
  • Comfort debridement

The journey starts with an assessment and a conversation about your options, most treatments we can begin that day! So give us a call or an email.


Ashleigh Stewart


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